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October 29, 2022, marks a monumental event for HFC and its supporters. On this day, they held one of their regular “Howdy Talks,” a recurring community event to let the community know what’s happening so far with the whole HFC-verse and what they should expect in the foreseeable future. Amazingly, this particular “Howdy Talks” differs significantly from the past catch-ups they made with the community. The recent Howdy Talks not only lapped the previous community huddles in community engagement, with a whopping 140 listeners active during the said Twitter space but most importantly, how massive the updates they dropped during the talks. Let’s run through them one by one!

Honest Raffle Update

Honest Raffle, in its current, is already an awesome on-chain lottery game. Yet the guys at HFC managed to make it even better! How? Add a percentage (currently 1%) of the $POTATOs in the tax vault to the weekly grand prize! Without context, 1% wouldn’t mean much until you realize that there are 400,000 $POTATOs sitting inside the tax wallet (as of October 29)! That’s 4,000 $POTATOs in a single week! Aside from this, it’s still the Honest Raffle everyone loves, just a tad better!

With Honest Raffle now partially powered by HFC’s tax vault, it is now open to the great possibilities it could incur! More features powered by the tax vault and more locations within the Howdyverse supported by the tax wallet make it one of the most potent tools in HFC’s arsenal to date!

But wait! There’s more!

Honest Raffle — on-chain lottery location

First off, IRL meetings with the HFC essentials.

Just a few days ago, the dev team and other HFC officials wined and dined together to talk about none other than the future that everyone envisions and how we could make it happen!

The discussion that the six of them (CrypTopeng, TwoPaps, and four people from the dev team) revolved around making the Farmer NFT the preface of the Howdyverse and, eventually, the NFT space. How? By making the Farmer NFT the center of benefits, commerce, and acclaim of the Honest Farmer Club. They plan to realize this by jam-packing the Farmer NFT with multiple sustainable features and benefits that will not just jack its price to the roof but also increase its popularity inside and outside the NFT industry! They believe (and the same can be said for every Farmer out there) that gone are the days when price dictates the game; it’s all about what your NFT can give you!

CrypTopeng (CEO), Twopaps (CPO) and the HFC developers

More IRL meetings will happen, which will soon include YOU, so stick around and check HFC’s update avenues (Twitter, Facebook, and Discord), so you can catch it!

In other news, in light of recent happenings within the HFC community, specifically the much-anticipated Howdyversary, more event details and things to expect are given by yours genuinely CrypTopeng!

You might be asking, what’s the Howdyversary, why is it important, and how can I be part of it?

Here’s the what, the why, and the how.

The Howdyversary is an annual event held by the HFC community and team, meant to celebrate a year of success and unwavering solidarity within the Howdyverse. Not only will the special day be spent for celebration, but it will also be the best time to look out for what’s in store for HFC and its community! The HFC team will give massive updates, news, and buzz on this day, so it’s best to take advantage of it!

Ultimately, The Howdyversary is a testament to the commercial success of The Honest Farmer Club. Its recurrent celebration marks each prosperous epoch and a statement to the Filipino NFT Space that we, too, could make it!

Howdyversary poster

Everyone who still hasn’t RSVP-ed yet will have a couple more days to secure a spot, which will be available on the Official Honest Farmer Club Discord Channel! Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the #get-role-back channel.
  • Create a ticket.
  • Upon ticket creation, type in “RSVP Howdyversary.”
  • Supplant necessary details for identification
  • Wait for confirmation.
  • And You’re set!

That’s it! All you need is to be a holder of a Farmer NFT, and you’re open to many amenities and benefits outside and in the Metaverse!

The Mega-Release

A circulating promise within the Honest Farmer Club, The Mega-Release is a massive event everyone anticipates in the Howdyverse! Few details have been circulating about the nature of this Mega-Release. Still, as its name implies, it’s a tremendous and possibly game-changing (?) improvement, or series of changes, in Honest Farmer Club’s current system!

The launch of HFC’s Mega-Release will be a paradigm shift that will better equip Honest Farmer Club against the raging tides of the industry, which is why everyone’s so riled for it!

The best part about Honest Farmer Club’s Mega-Release is that the community completely controls what is and isn’t part of it. Backed by CrypTopeng saying that in making these plans, they 100% took the community’s opinion on some of the changes and compromised on the others!

Why are we talking about the Mega-Release? Because it, or at least a majority of details surrounding it, will be released on the Howdyversary, talk about more reasons to RSVP a slot!

Ending on a high note, CrypTopeng announced one of the major parts of HFC’s Mega-Release: $POTATO v2!

For those unfamiliar, $POTATO is HFC’s official on-chain token. It has been the center of its reward system and the main currency of the entire Howdyverse, and a complete overhaul of its inner workings is underway!

The potential of $POTATO has yet to be fully realized in its current state, mainly because there are only a handful of benefits in owning one. $POTATO v2, however, aims to solve these pain points, initially by being backed by liquidity, giving $POTATO its value outside of HFC! The current plan is to exchange $POTATOs for $POTATO v2s in a 2:1 ratio, meaning if you have 1000 $POTATOs in stock, you’d get 500 $POTATO v2! Additionally, $POTATO v2 will officially be used for all commerce within the Howdyverse’s Metaverse, further adding value to this already precious token!

Such a change will affect the entire ecosystem of Honest Farmer Club, including staked NFTs, which may need to be un-staked and re-staked in the release of the new system, but these changes are nonetheless minor compared to the endless possibilities the $POTATO v2 could offer to its holders!

The future is bright for Honest Farmer Club, given how impactful the changes announced are in the “Howdy Talks.” As a result, Honest Farmer Club continues to wow the Filipino NFT space with each passing day and update. So what are you waiting for? Hop on to OpenSea and get yourself a Farmer! Become part of Filipino NFT History, and farm your way into the Metaverse!



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