Booze, Beats, and Buidling in the Boondocks: HFC’s First Howdyversary

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5 min readDec 8, 2022


Projects in the NFT industry that could weather its raging storms are few and far between; in an industry where things could switch up faster than you can react. More so, be thanked for being part of their project for a year! Well, that’s how things have gone down in the greener pastures of Honest Farmer Club, where months ago, they just held one of their most ambitious events ever — The Howdyversary.

Evening group photo taken with event-goers and HFC developers and contributors

In spirit, Howdyversary is just a celebration meant for when Honest Farmer Club reaches its first year. The anticipation for the event is what made it grow and quickly made it something more. Ultimately it became a gathering that best accentuates how far this project has gone since its humble beginnings as a regular PFP project with some utilities.

No expenses were spared in making sure that the event was not only successful in execution, but most of all enjoyable to the highest degree to farmers and supporters alike that attended. Jam-packing it with amazing things, from activities that lifted everyone’s spirits, goodies and trinkets they took home courtesy of Honest Farmer Club’s coolest of event managers to news and updates about our beloved NFT project’s future.

Right from the get-go, confirmed event-goers are treated to a free shuttle service to the venue, which is somewhere in the secluded yet majestic Nueva Vizcaya, easing the travel process immensely. Upon arrival at their destination, they were treated to private rooms where our farmers are able to rest, albeit with a photo documentation and verification process prior.

As the day crescendoed into its main events, various activities were first held to excite farmers and indirectly reward them with prizes from HFC themselves. Parlor games were convened and a raffle contest with Farmer NFTs as rewards were conducted, preceding greater events in the evening.

Parlor games and activities courtesy of HFC’s event organizers and hosts

To epitomize the strong solidarity and continuity within HFC members and stakeholders alike, a boodle fight was also placed where everyone was able to get the best food against each other’s elbow.

Howdy Boodle Fight featuring Theo “CrypTopeng” Roque, Honest Farmer Club’s CEO, middle.

After a couple more events during the festivities, the Howdyversary truly reached their climax as the executives and the main brains behind the most honest NFT project in the metaverse were introduced one by one, starting with yours truly Theo “CrypTopeng” Roque, John “TwoPaps” Pinto, and the rest of the gang, that was then proceeded by the most anticipated announcement hinted multiple times in the past — Honest Farmer Club’s Mega Release.

Theo “CrypTopeng” Roque CEO of Honest Farmer Club introducing himself before dropping Mega-Release

The Mega Release, as announced, consisted of multiple successive changes and additions in the framework of HFC’s frontend, backend, and community aspects that is expected to offer a fresher approach at HFC as it meets the ever-changing needs and trends of the market and its people. As a circulating rumor for a while within Honest Farmer Club’s echo chambers and proverbial barns, it gave the people something to talk about generally, but its confirmed existence and now, expected release is, in Classic Honest Farmer Club fashion, more of a statement, that with the right mindset, planning, and people, you can basically do everything and more in the new age of Internet Technology.

Without further ado, here’s a quick list of things to expect they were able to generously discuss during the event:

  • $POTATO v2 — The $POTATO we know and love is finally getting a full makeover! $POTATO v2 will be introduced as its successor with a full on liquidity as well as added features!
  • Website Revamp — An overhaul of Honest Farmer Club’s website will be done to offer a fresher look and a more streamlined experience to Farmers in the future, and to accommodate future additions in the Howdyverse!
  • Pig Race release — The much-anticipated off-chain P2E game of Honest Farmer Club will soon be released for public use and will be added to HFC’s large cast of profitable games with sustainable frameworks!
  • LP staking and LP farming — Staking and Farming will be introduced, all with their new and designated locations and will offer Farmers rewards for putting their $POTATO v2 to work!
  • LP provision — HFC will now power its financial sector with its much needed liquidity, providing much deserved tangible value to most of its assets and items. And:
  • The Introduction of The Howdy Studios: THS is a dev studio with the main intention of creating honest projects for clients in the Web3, where a good portion of THS’ profit will be used to power up HFC!

These massive changes and additions to HFC’s entire structure are bound to be released in the very-foreseeable future, the proximity of which couldn’t be stated to ensure transparency and of course, HONESTY, which made Honest Farmer Club’s supporters even more proud and excited of the things to come, more so due to the notion that these updates will be powered and built by an ever-improving, ever-growing team of experts in the industry, lead by CrypTopeng himself.

The festivities went on for a while and as the party mellowed down when nighttime took over, an afterparty came in where music, drinks, and talks were offered in the house or in this case, in the farm. This gradually closed the first day of HFC’s Howdyversary, and marked its premiere as a success in Honest Farmer Club’s history book.

The next morning, everyone was given a chance to see Honest Farmer Club’s very own IRL Farm, a subfeature that has been promised right from the infancy of HFC in the NFT space. Its existence, along with all of its inclusions completely strikes a Day 1 Honest Farmer Club supporter of how true to their word this project, along with its management is. That despite the ever-rising amounts of dubious projects to date, we still have enterprises like Honest Farmer Club that know the weight of their words and uphold them to the best of their abilities.

The “Farmily” huddling for a group photo, IRL farm at the back

Thus far, these have been our notes documenting most events that transpired in Honest Farmer Club’s first ever Howdyversary. Its utter success mirrors the project’s preceding victory from months prior and will further become an echo against the vastness of the NFT space, its ruthless nature, and a statement to projects that aim to make something similar in the future.

Funny how Honest work gets you this far, huh?

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