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5 min readDec 12, 2022


The backbone of a Successful NFT project lies in its underlying features. Thus, a project with viable utilities that could enable its collection against the hurtling market waves is always set to secure its future. Furthermore, the price of a single NFT is almost always defined by how well-put its utilities are and will, in turn, determine if it’s a project that is bloated by market whales or a project that deserves its value.

Sometimes, this comes in the form of an earnable on-chain token, obtainable through various means that primarily involve the holding of said NFT in a preset amount of time. Some implement farming mechanics, while some just plain out give these tokens through holder airdrops.

Honest Farmer Club incorporates the best of each world and introduces a sustainable farming P2E Environment where every action comes with a hefty reward! Knowing too well that viable features and bonuses keep a project going even during bear seasons, they created a token that will take all of HFC’s best qualities and put it together in the form of $POTATO!

First off, What is $POTATO?

$POTATO is Honest Farmer Club’s official cryptocurrency! A scarce on-chain token in the Howdyverse available for earning, you could get $POTATO as early as Day 1 when you buy your first Farmer NFT!

But how is this possible? Through numerous ways! Let’s run through each earning pathway.

How to Earn Your $POTATO

There are three primary ways for one to acquire $POTATOs in the Howdyverse, namely:

  • Staking: The process where you put your Farmer NFT into work to earn up to 10 $POTATOs daily! as a Bonus, Farm Girls, which are obtainable through Weddings or here, could earn as much as 5 $POTATO Daily.
  • Active Play-to-Earn: other NFTs with their corresponding P2E games like the Chicken and the Pig (to be released) can earn $POTATO through on-chain and off-chain means that reward victories with $POTATOs of varying amounts!
  • Passive Play-to-Earn: Some minigames inside Honest Farmer’s Farm allow players to earn $POTATOs in cakewalk ways! Wheel of Fortune and Honest Raffle are these minigames where you can make $POTATOs with a simple click of a button! Wheel of Fortune allows Farmers to spin a wheel with their desired denomination of potential $POTATOs. Honest Raffle is a lottery game within the Howdyverse that rewards one lucky Farmer with the week’s prize pot!

All these features make up for a well-put ecosystem that incentivizes not only the hodling of a Farmer NFT for a set amount of time but also actively making use of all available Honest Farmer Club features at the same time! These features and benefits go well with HFC’s grand plan of making the Farmer NFT the preface of the Howdyverse and quite possibly the Filipino NFT industry, primarily involving jacking up its value through features!

But wait, there’s more!

$POTATO is already a formidable token, but without proper liquidity and great utilities, it wouldn’t enable the Howdyverse, so the best minds in the Honest Farmer Club improved upon it; still your good old friend $POTATO, but now much better!

Now introducing $POTATO v2! The revamped version of $POTATO, with its liquidity and new and more potent tokenomics, will power the Howdyverse to its full potential!

$POTATO v2 promises a more profitable Honest Farmer Club, which will primarily enable the Farmer NFTs. How? By being a better version of its previous iteration in the ways that matter!

Implementation of $POTATO v2 is also projected to power the outside economy and strengthen community interrelations by enabling ventures for profit like Scholarships, Renting, and more!

In a future where Farmer NFTs are hoped to be the preface of the Howdyverse, $POTATO v2 is the glue that will hold everything together and empower Honest Farmer Club’s best qualities!

$POTATO v2 is yet to be released and is still in the works to be its best self, especially when it hits the live server. However, news about its existence and production has been in the community’s ears since October 29’s Howdy Talk, where CrypTopeng broke the news to a whopping 155 listeners!

But you might be asking yourself, How to Get $POTATO v2?

Fret not, for Honest Farmer Club has already dropped some ways you can earn $POTATO v2s for yourself!

First, it has to be said that HFC will allow its existing users with $POTATOs in their vaults to exchange these for $POTATO v2 in a 2:1 ratio! This means holding your $POTATOs won through the above methods will amount to something in the foreseeable future!

Additionally, a complete overhaul of the HFC economy will be implemented to account for $POTATO v2, and rewards will be adjusted to also account for the token change and its underlying value. Additionally, all future games and farming mechanics in the Howdyverse will reward users with appropriate amounts of $POTATO v2, enabling commerce within HFC altogether!

$POTATO v2 is still set, or at least projected to retain the current scarce nature of $POTATOs in circulation, to make the token deflationary and a precious asset in an HFC owner’s wallet!

More news and updates to come in the future, with special mentions of the already held Howdyversary, where not only is $POTATO v2 discussed in crisp detail, but a couple of massive changes and additions in the form of Honest Farmer Club’s Mega-Release!

True to its style, Honest Farmer Club is the gift that keeps on giving. With a plethora of features and benefits available, and to be available for its supporters to use and enjoy, they are once again set to make groundbreaking news in the Filipino NFT Space. Especially since signs of a bull run are imminent (do not take our word for it, it is mere calculated speculation), powering the people’s hype and hope for the future of NFTs once again!

$POTATO’s existence proves that Honest Farmer Club cares for the craft and its supporters. Its best traits and how it complements the whole ensemble proves that you are in good hands with HFC.



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It ain’t much, but it’s honest work! Honest Farmer Club is a Filipino-built NFT PFP project with GameFi utilities.