Honest Farmer Club — It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work

Honest Farmer Club
5 min readAug 31, 2022


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been a staple element in the cryptocurrency world since its breakout last 2020. Multiple generative projects popped in and out of existence, mostly without purpose other than to offer profitability given the inflated value of Non-Fungible Tokens or to leverage upon the ever-increasing amount of memes available on the Internet. It became the prominent identity of the NFT space for a while as the industry is still trying to shape itself, hoping to find its identity along one of the iterations that would follow. And yet soon enough, people saw opportunities for growth and usability within the NFT space. Projects from left to right came up with unique utilities and promises at the expense of failing to deliver such grandiose goals adding to the ever-increasing disappointment of the people in what initially seemed to be a new venture for everyone within the cryptocurrency space.

Amidst this rally of rising and failing projects, a Southeast Asian NFT project rose among the rest and reintroduced a utility in the NFT space most overlooked — Consistency. What started as an homage to the “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work meme” turned out to be one of the most successful Filipino projects to date — Honest Farmer Club.

But what is Honest Farmer Club?

Honest Farmer Club is comprised of a primary collection of 3000 programmatically-generated 2D depictions of farmers in all attire, expressions, and more — all with current and future opportunities within the gaming, earning, art and media, to even the web3!

To this day, more and more features adherent to its roadmap are being added and included, creating a novel experience for all players within the farm, that is all thanks to a team of competent and dedicated individuals. HFC started its journey in 2021, rallying the project’s eventual successful run with 3000 farmers, with multiple utilities, all inlaid on a comprehensive roadmap.

Its mantra remains the same since the project’s conception — to deliver what’s promised and provide a justified worth for its NFTs. Because in a world where projects overpromise, underdeliver, and are viewed as a way to make wads of cash instantly, Honest Farmer Club took the path rarely taken and lived up to the meme they took inspiration from: “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.”

Collection of Farmer NFTs in Honest Farmer Club

It doesn’t stop there as HFC aims to be an example of how a successful NFT project should be. Not about the money put into the pockets of the team, and at the end of the day, to not be about the unnecessary hype and fad around the project and its utilities, just plain old honest work (get it?) and placing the community first and foremost.

More so, creating your own culture is needed to strengthen the community. Honest Farmer Club knows this and is best exemplified by referring to each of their members as “Farmers,” with each member using their own unique greetings (Howdy!) and farewells (Yeehaw!). This, as well as the other activities and events the HFC community holds in order to strengthen the bonds between each member, be it from the community or from the backend, is what ultimately builds trust and support which in turn, creates a positive feedback system that keeps HFC running to this day.

With that being said, let’s get you acquainted to the primary features of Honest Farmer Club.

In-game Metaverse of Honest Farmer Club

In-game, there are a variety of activities your farmer can engage in within its own realm, primarily to acquire the prized $POTATO. Three of these elements sum up the HFC experience as a whole. Breeding, staking, and its gaming aspects. Evidently, transactions within HFC take place using $POTATOs, which you can earn as soon as you get your first farmer. This in-game currency also gives HFC NFTs an inherent monetary and intrinsic value that is indisputable as multiple earning opportunities from a single farmer posits a high valuation — a statement to the current face of NFTs.

Breeding allows you to obtain a farm animal, each with its own minigame, giving you the chance to earn $POTATOs in the process. Staking enables you to generate daily $POTATOs by putting your farmers to work, and last but not least, the gaming component helps you get the most out of HFC’s platform while earning $POTATOs, through games like raffles and more.

What’s Next for HFC?

Encompassing multiple facets of the NFT space, Honest Farmer Club aims to offer a piece of everything for everyone. In a space where projects aim to get good at one thing and capitalize on it, HFC scores multiple goals, creating a growing environment where everyone has a place.

From the gamers who see entertainment opportunities within the NFT space, the so-called managers and scholars who see profit in owning NFTs with P2E applications, the artists who extend their efforts to magnify the project’s name in the most natural of ways, to web3 believers who see infinite opportunities in the Metaverse and its conglomerates.

As a result, developers in the HFC world are constantly creating and improving the platform to accommodate these future features, the most notable of which is the LP Farming, which will be available on decentralized exchanges. The Howdy Museum, which aims to incentivize art appreciation by being its own auction house where farmers can bid for pieces using $POTATOs, and more minigames for the community’s gamers and earners.

Their biggest goal so far, is to set up their own sustainable farmland in the real-world, where future HFC events can be held and provide even more profitable ventures for each farmer, on-chain and in real life.

Real-life Farm of HFC in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

In a critic’s perspective, it is like Honest Farmer Club aims to create a statement with each of its move where it aims to revolutionize the current state at which NFTs are perceived. From the oversupply of NFTs in most projects, to the cash-grab nature of most projects in the market.

All of these, enveloped in a comprehensive plan and a growing community of builders, investors, and supporters from local and international regions, continuously inspire the team to build for the betterment of the NFT space.

So Howdy Farmer, grab a shovel and let’s get to farming!



Honest Farmer Club

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work! Honest Farmer Club is a Filipino-built NFT PFP project with GameFi utilities.