Honest Farmer Club — It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work

But what is Honest Farmer Club?

Honest Farmer Club is comprised of a primary collection of 3000 programmatically-generated 2D depictions of farmers in all attire, expressions, and more — all with current and future opportunities within the gaming, earning, art and media, to even the web3!

Collection of Farmer NFTs in Honest Farmer Club
In-game Metaverse of Honest Farmer Club

What’s Next for HFC?

Encompassing multiple facets of the NFT space, Honest Farmer Club aims to offer a piece of everything for everyone. In a space where projects aim to get good at one thing and capitalize on it, HFC scores multiple goals, creating a growing environment where everyone has a place.

Real-life Farm of HFC in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines



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Honest Farmer Club

Honest Farmer Club

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work! Honest Farmer Club is a Filipino-built NFT PFP project with GameFi utilities.