Play with Purpose: HFC’s Play-and-Earn Guide

Honest Farmer Club
5 min readOct 29, 2022

Honest Farmer Club, the NFT project that owed its idea from the meme “The Honest Farmer,” became one of, if not the most valuable and long-running Filipino NFT projects of this day, which comes unsurprisingly from a project built from the ground up by a dedicated community of supporters, and decorated developing team that devoted their time, sweat, and jugs and jugs of coffee throughout HFC’s run.

Just like some projects during the height of last year’s bull run, Honest Farmer Club was one of the hundreds, if not thousands, that rode the tide when Play-to-Earn games were the trend. HFC flourished thanks to its features that consider the future of the Honest Farmer Club and the NFT world. It remained standing while the ones that came before it failed and died into obscurity.

Why, you ask? For instance, said P2E solutions fail to be successful at either the play or the earn aspects of the concept, with some even failing at both. Lack of updates and necessary expansions, lackluster gameplay, and tedious tasks for tedious rewards all contributed to a now-dying culture within the gaming and the crypto industry.

On the other hand, HFC succeeded in making Play-to-Earn not only profitable but also enjoyable. These factors, as mentioned earlier, will be evident even more as we progress through this article.

The decline is saddening because P2E (Play-to-Earn) opened one of the most successful gateways to the cryptocurrency world for those who know very little about it. Specifically, The Scholar-Manager culture, where a capital investor, called a Manager, hires people called Scholars who would grind for the precious materials in-game in exchange for a profit cut.

In typical Honest Farmer Club’s fashion, they are redefining this sub-industry by implementing consistent updates and valuable additions to their expanding universe, a trait in most A-tier title games of our era.

But before delving deeper into how HFC differs, let’s drop a brief explainer of what play-to-earn games are for the ones not accustomed to the Cryptocurrency Industry!

Play-to-Earn games, in essence, are games that are either standalone or a feature of a cryptocurrency project that incentivizes playing with monetary rewards. A game is P2E when the player completes certain in-game milestones and/or when the player is farming for materials that can then convert into real-life currency or crypto.

For a quick guide on the numerous minigames HFC has to offer, here’s a list of what’s in store for you the moment you buy that HFC farmer:

  • Milking Contest: In this minigame, players choose their lucky cow, which they will milk on a bucket to fill up quicker than the other players. The Milking Contest game is chance-based and is highly dependent on the cow that you will choose. Winning the contest grants you the coveted on-chain token $POTATO in varying amounts.
Minigame — Milking Contest
  • Wheel of Fortune: In the Wheel of Fortune, players spin a prize wheel (Yes, it’s that easy) with a prize denominator that the players can set, ranging from 2x the prize, up to 50x the $POTATOs! This game is luck-based, which is perfect for those who prefer something other than active grinding. The best part about HFC Farmer NFT keepers is that they get to have one spin on the house (or on the farm, pun intended) every day! This minigame offers the biggest prize among the other games within HFC’s roster at the expense of putting your trust in Lady Luck herself.
Minigame — Wheel of Fortune
  • Chicken Fight: An on-chain game in HFC’s roster where a player gets their chicken either by breeding or here and could then get into cockfights that grant winners $POTATO. Chicken Fight is skill-based and involves multiple factors for winning, including but not limited to the level of your chicken which improves the more fights it gets over its lifetime. The level of your chicken is indicated by its color for easier discerning, especially when you have multiple chickens in your arsenal.
Play-and-earn — Chicken Fights
  • Pig Race: An up-and-coming off-chain track racing game within the HFC-verse where players race against each other using pigs on a track! Players with pigs, available for breed or purchase SOON, will be allowed to partake in such races. Information about its mechanics is released sparingly to avoid spoilers. Still, it is confirmed that Prizewinners get to take home $POTATOs.
Play-and-earn — Pig Race

Some games on the HFC roster like Chicken Fight and Pig race, are also available through trustless renting. This renting feature allows owners to easily lease their chickens and pigs while maintaining complete ownership of said NFTs in the process. This feature opens up possibilities in the Scholar-Manager aspect as it permits scholarships within the community and sits well with those who want to get into the cryptocurrency world but are limited in capital or knowledge base elements. Minigames like Milking Contest and the Wheel of Fortune offer a more relaxed approach so Managers could maximize profits even more!

As you can deduce from the games introduced above, Honest Farmer Club’s got a little something for everyone, from the laidback gamers who are content with therapeutic gameplay to those who are a bit on the competitive side of the spectrum, applying the laidback nature of living in a farm while making every game fun and engaging, which is a whole lot compared to most games nowadays.

Such present features prove optimal for a project that not only aims to onboard every cryptocurrency enthusiast but also to invite those who see profitability in the cryptocurrency world. NFT space-adjacent, but is too afraid of dipping their toes in the water in fear of losing capital, lack of prior knowledge about the cryptocurrency world, the high-risk nature of the cryptocurrency, among others.

Whether these boons are there for a statement or not (which it probably isn’t), HFC undeniably gives the NFT space a fighting chance against the chaotic and unforgiving waves of the market, creating well-thought-of stratagems and moves that other rising projects could take a page from to ensure success on their end.

With a jam-packed roster of fun games and more from Honest Farmer Club, you can bet your bottom dollar not only are you in for a ride toward a more sustainable project with a promising future, you are also in a project that cares about you and how well you enjoy your experience with them.

So grab the proverbial shovel, check out OpenSea, and get yourself your farmer!



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