The Howdy Talk: An Inside Look into the Challenges and Triumphs of Honest Farmer Club

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3 min readJan 16, 2023
Howdy Talk — January 14, 2023

CrypTopeng, the CEO of Honest Farmer Club, recently held a community talk called “Howdy Talk” to address some of the ongoing issues and updates within the company. The talk covered a variety of topics, including the ongoing issue with TheGraph, the success of the Mega Release, the delays of the Pig Race, and the fight for survival.

One of the main issues discussed was the ongoing problem with TheGraph’s hosted service. According to CrypTopeng, the indexes are not being updated in real-time, causing assets to load as zero or the amount of assets to be outdated. Despite this, CrypTopeng assured the community that it is still possible to play, but it requires a lot of patience. He also mentioned that within Q1 2023, TheGraph will be upgrading and will have a dedicated subgraph for the Polygon Network, which will help the community immensely.

The Mega Release, which took place recently, was also a topic of discussion. CrypTopeng stated that it was a success in his point of view, despite some delays. He praised the community for their participation and strength, saying that they managed to invite back half of the holders and saw a lot of activity during the burning event and Honest Raffle, which had a prize pool of over 300,000 $POTATO. CrypTopeng also mentioned that compensation will still be given after the pig race for those that unstaked by Dec 14 until Dec 21, but it may take some time to process.

The Pig Race, which was delayed due to the holidays and technical difficulties, was also addressed. CrypTopeng apologized for the delays and explained that they were still securing the connection and integration between multiple technologies. He acknowledged that creating an off-chain game that bridges to on-chain is not easy, especially with the on-chain renting system. Despite the delays, CrypTopeng stated that this experience will be a huge plus for The Howdy Studios as builders and will bring more value to HFC.

Lastly, CrypTopeng discussed the fight for survival. He was 100% transparent and stated that there is not much funding left from the founders. However, he mentioned that The Howdy Studios is closing two clients for their Custom Development services this week, which is exciting news. He mentioned that the company is confident that they will survive for the next 3 months because of these potential clients. CrypTopeng also discussed other efforts they are making to secure runway and keep on building for this year, such as digital billboards and custom development services.

Overall, CrypTopeng’s Howdy Talk provided a transparent and honest update on the current state of Honest Farmer Club and The Howdy Studios. Despite the ongoing issues and delays, CrypTopeng emphasized the importance of building and the potential for growth in the future. The community was given a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that the company is facing, and they can look forward to more updates and developments in the coming months.



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