Who Let The Updates Out?! — Honest Farmer Club’s Mega Release

Honest Farmer Club
5 min readDec 14, 2022


Honest Farmer Club has come far from its humble roots as a PFP project. During its infancy, HFC was a simple project with a simple purpose, but it has bagged the best talents in the Filipino Web3 Space, which soon became the catalyst for its success, driving it to be one of the fastest-growing projects in the industry. As of late, the best brains in the HFC Team have done much to improve Honest Farmer Club to its best state, and they are not showing any signs of stopping!

The nine pain-staking months of continuous efforts made by the HFC team attest to this, and in this relatively short period, they have brought a lot to the table, namely:

  • 11 New Locations in the Howdyverse, all with their specific use cases and utilities!
  • Physical features such as their famed IRL Farm located in the northern provinces of the Philippines that is bought and cultivated to offer IRL and in-crypto space benefits interchangeably!
  • A strong community of HFC Fans, Supporters, Developers, and Enthusiasts banded together in two days of glee and purpose, courtesy of the Howdyversary!
  • A powerful token system that powers the entire HFC enterprise in the form of the $POTATO
  • P2E games that provide rewards and bonuses to farmers!
  • Farmer NFT utilities
  • And more!

For projects with beginnings as simple as Honest Farmer Club, noteworthy additions like these features are tremendous successes and a statement to projects out there with greater appraise and caliber. Yet, in true HFC fashion, they just kept giving more!

But Wait, There’s More!

What was once a circulating rumor in HFC’s echo chambers in the early months of 2022 and finally announced during the Howdyversary, Honest Farmer Club officially unveiled their most ambitious stir of this year yet — The Mega Release.

What is The Mega Release?

As stated in previous articles and announcements from the HFC official channels, The Mega Release is its most enterprising activity yet. It will involve massive changes and additions to the framework of Honest Farmer Club’s Frontend, Backend, Aesthetic, Utility, and Community aspects. These welcome changes and additions aim to offer a fresher, grander, and more streamlined experience for Farmers, new and day-ones alike. The intensity of these changes is bound to cement Honest Farmer Club in the history books of the Filipino Web3 Space, maybe even beyond, as the project that never stops rain or shine!

What’s in The Mega-Release?

Changes to Honest Farmer Club are in the plan for release on Dec. 15, 2022, at 9 pm precisely. Its announcement is bound to be an exciting affair, so give Honest Farmer’s Club Discord channel a visit to stay on top of this important day!

Anyways, without further ado, here’s a list of the things to expect on The Mega Release!

  • $POTATO V1 to $POTATO V2 Swap: The $POTATO you knew and loved is getting its makeover, along with new and improved features and utilities to boot! The swap will introduce $POTATO v2, its predecessor’s spiritual successor, with liquidity, will occur in a 2:1 conversion ratio, and will carry on for a month, so fill your sacks!
  • Honest Farmer Club’s first off-chain game, The Pig Race: Purchase pigs and race them to a finish line to earn the coveted $POTATO. Its off-chain nature opens implications for renting and scholarships, fostering the quintessential manager-scholar relationship that became synonymous with the P2E industry right at HFC’s doorstep!
  • LP Farming: Honest Farmer Club revs the tractor engine of their Financial Sector! LP farming will offer much-needed value to all their assets by providing liquidity to $POTATOs and offering rewards for putting LP tokens to stake in the form of airdrops and more $POTATOs!
  • $POTATO Staking: A new feature added to HFC’s sets of privileges, where you can earn more $POTATOs by putting them to work! A newly-included feature that allows farmers to gain rewards from their $POTATOs with APR interest rates!
  • Website Revamp and Map Revamp: Massive improvements in HFC’s home website in the aesthetic and User Experience department! A sleeker UI, an improved map with multiple added features, and an overall fresher experience await farmers!
  • The Howdy Studios: Inarguably the most bombastic inclusion in the Mega-Release, Honest Farmer Club’s CEO Theo “CrypTopeng” Roque and CFO John “TwoPaps” Pinto opened the doors for aspiring creators, talents, and projects in the crypto space and beyond through HFC’s very own fully-fledged dev studio! Staffing, Talents, IT Services, Management, Partnerships, and more will be up for grabs once the dev studio serializes itself and fully launches! A good portion of the profits earned from THS will go towards Honest Farmer Club, powering the NFT project for the years to come!

All these jam-pack additions will be on the go IN THE SAME DAY(With the exception of The Howdy Studios)! Things can’t get any better than this, or can they? We’ll have to find out!

The Mega-Release is the culmination of everything the Honest Farmer Club received within its few months in the NFT space. Although they may deny it, massive movements like these are once again an attestation to the peerless aptitude of the Filipino Web3 Space and how far you can go with the right attitude and integrity towards your stakeholders.

The Mega-Release may be HFC’s grandest move to date, and a perfect year-closer for that matter, as long as the support for this project carries on, launches and announcements proceeding with the Mega-Release will surely be at the same caliber, if not even more.

With the fated day coming closer, we want you to be in the front seat of this extravagant once-in-a-lifetime event. Thus, Honest Farmer Club’s opening all its official channels across the social media space to let as many people know of the Mega-Release as possible.

So give your friends a holler and join us as we make it into the NFT History books again. Our proverbial barn doors will be open for everyone come Dec. 15, so save the date and stay updated through our channels on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram (yes, we finally have a Telegram Channel!) and more!

If it’s honest, massive, and scheduled on the 15th, it’s probably the Mega Release!



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