An NFT Collection and its Honest Mission — An Honest Guide

Honest Farmer Club
5 min readOct 18, 2022


Have you ever wondered which NFTs to invest in during the tumultuous bear season of crypto space? Ever get that itching feeling whenever you surf the vast expanse of Opensea, or other NFT Marketplaces out there, looking for a good NFT project but doubting how future-proof they are? Experienced that certain patriotic feeling of “I wanna support a local project that does something”?

Well, you are not alone. Thousands of Filipinos, if not millions, are stuck in the same dilemma as you, looking for projects that appease all factors stated above while offering vast profitability.

I’m guessing, amongst your lengthy research and multiple searches for the “right project for you”, you may have heard of Honest Farmer Club.

Simply put, it’s one of the most successful Filipino NFT projects to this day. What made it awesome? Consistency and honest work. Wanna know more about them? Check this! home page home page

But you could still be asking, what’s in it for you if you bought a coveted Farmer NFT? How about we lay the proverbial shovel and rake for the meantime, sit on your lovely porch, and let’s talk about what an Honest Farmer could HONESTLY (pun intended) give you feature-wise, Farmer!

The discussion wouldn’t start without the collection that started it all, the OG Farmers. An NFT collection made of 3000 programmatically-generated Farmers in all manners of wackiness and humor, pegging from the all-time classic “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work” meme.

3000 Genesis Farmer NFTs

What started from a simple homage to this quick-laugh image ended up being one of the most feature-studded projects in and beyond the metaverse, owing its success to the people who supported it from Day 1 to this day.

When you purchase an Honest Farmer either on their official marketplace on Discord or in OpenSea, You don’t just purchase a pfp (Profile Picture) NFT, you purchase a future-proof NFT with a lot of in-universe and real-life features. Which starts when you make your Farmer, well farm. Yielding you its on-chain token $POTATO.

HFC $POTATOs are its most effective asset, providing an array of paths an investor like you could take all at once.

There’s the Wedding, an in-game event/feature where you could get your lonely Farmer his own Farm Girl wife, bringing in more $POTATOs for you!

There’s also the Barn, a special place in the HFC Universe where you could get yourself farm animals, each with their ways of yielding the coveted $POTATOs for profit.

The Barn — Mint Your Animal NFTs!

Chickens are bred after spending 600 $POTATOs for users with a Farm Girl and a Farmer, 800 for a Farmer Only User and 1000 for users with no Farmer NFTs in the first place. They can be made to fight within the game’s Arena, where wins could yield user $POTATOs that scale with the chicken’s level.

Chickens are currently the only farm animal you can play with and earn tokens from, but over time, more farm animals will be released, each with their minigames. Amongst the animals you should look out for are:

  • The Pig
  • The Cow and;
  • The Donkey

All these Farm Animals, whether available for collection or not, are made to yield $POTATOs for you, the user, and to expand its already growing roster of awesome applications inside and outside of the NFT space.

The Play in Honest Farmer Club’s “Play-to-Earn” doesn’t stop there. Aside from these features, HFC minigames are still available for users to play with and earn prizes!

Wheel of Fortune, one of the first minigames released in the HFC in-game universe, could offer $POTATO in multipliers based on where your fortune lands you, and if you are a proud owner of a Farmer NFT, you get a free WOF spin!

Minigame — Wheel of Fortune

There is also the Honest Raffle, a newly announced and launched minigame, that allows users to stake a claim for a grand prize of $POTATOs, each draw period lasts for a definite amount of time and would grant the winner the remainder of the prize pot after taxes and fees!

Honest Farmer Club is truly the “Gift that keeps on giving”, as stated earlier, beyond the on-chain amenities and benefits, there are even more use cases NFT owners and holders of HFC could enjoy. One of which is a real-life sustainable farm where IRL HFC meetups and events are held, with your pass being your HFC Farmer. Just this coming November, another IRL event will be held in the IRL Farm, where HFC will celebrate its first Anniversary (yes, it’s a year old now!)

It’s their most anticipated event to date, given the fact that it is the project’s first among many more years of success, as well as one of the best times for you to meet your HFC friends!

1st HowdyVerary! HFC turns 1 year!
1st HowdyVerary! HFC turns 1 year!

Besides this, an insider has given us news that a new opportunity will be added soon in the HFC universe, something that would promote solidarity within the already unified community of HFC while simultaneously offering profit for its investors.

What could it be? Only the devs and the insiders know, but more news and updates will be given over the coming days.

To sum it all up, a Farmer NFT, and adjacent to it, The Honest Farmer Club offers three things and a single promise: Future, Profit, Community, and Consistency. It has been evident in every feature they release, which is a boon to its supporters, given that these, most especially the promise of Consistency is something that is lacking in most projects.

All of these, and even more farm-themed NFTs, events, features, and benefits to be given as HFC weathers the days to come. Like a resilient farmer IRL, continuously building not only for himself but for the land that he tills and harvests from. This honestly is something that we need right now after the multiple flaks NFT projects received the past few months given multiple rug-pulled projects and failed promises.

So come on in Farmer! Everyone has a place and a role here, the minute you get your very own Farmer NFT, drop a “Howdy!” on our Discord Server, and let’s all make it happen!



Honest Farmer Club

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work! Honest Farmer Club is a Filipino-built NFT PFP project with GameFi utilities.